Preserving, Recording and Celebrating the
  Historical Heritage of Mancos Town and Valley
Mancos Valley
   Historical Society



In November of 2013, the Mancos Valley Historical Society was reorganized. In just a few months, our membership has grown to over 60 members. The monthly meetings feature historical aspects of our Town and Valley. The Society was chosen as the recipient of funds raised by the 2014 Mancos Melt. These funds will be used to fund Society projects. A display of historical photos and antique items was created for the event and two walking tours were organized.

The Society is planning several projects to insure that the historical heritage of our Town and Valley is recorded and preserved. Current projects include reestablishment of a Historical Society Museum; support for the Restoration of the Opera House; support for the Restoration of the Times Building and the Mancos Common Press; and conducting a more complete inventory of the historical buildings in Town and Valley.

Another goal of the Society is to increase interest of our youth in the history of Town and Valley. This includes the support of the art and music programs in Mancos Schools.

The Executive Committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in varying locations to deal with the business of the Society. This meeting is an open meeting and all members are encourage to attend.

Additional Contact Information:

Dr. Linda Simmons, President
P.O. Box 465
Mancos, Colorado 81328